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Bright Consulting
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Narcissism in the Age of Emotional Intelligence

We are experiencing an organizational awakening.  In an effort to enhance organizational culture through self awareness and self-management strategies, relationships are being strengthened in organizations. We are experiencing a cultural shift that values accountability of behavior. And, although we are a long way from claiming success, it is apparent that our sensitivities — and the […]

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Discovering Inspiration

My brother has a friend that accomplished the “impossible” this past weekend.  Jill, a mother of five children and a recent widow, found sheer determination and true grit as she fought to compete in an International IRONMAN competition.  Some of us can conceive of perhaps achieving some small part of this grueling competition — the 2.4 […]

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No Man Left Behind

It is a motto of the U.S. Marine Corps and the Army Rangers: “Leave No Man Behind”. It means that when you are in “harm’s way”, you will not be alone, that you are a part of something larger than yourself, and that your brothers are with you. It means that we are not successful […]

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