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No Man Left Behind

It is a motto of the U.S. Marine Corps and the Army Rangers: “Leave No Man Behind”. It means that when you are in “harm’s way”, you will not be alone, that you are a part of something larger than yourself, and that your brothers are with you. It means that we are not successful until every man is accounted for and brought home. As a proud mother of a U.S. Marine, this motto was my constant comfort when my son was deployed and in harm’s way.

We witnessed this solidarity of purpose this week as we watched the leadership of Chile — all the engineers, the specialists, the politicians, the families, and most importantly the 33 entombed miners — demonstrate the best example of human excellence and teamwork. They left no man behind. And they celebrated each rebirth with care and compassion, waiting for each man to return to the earth.

It was an inspiration to the human heart and to the spirit of nations around the globe.

We will eagerly wait to learn more about how the miners’ focused leadership can teach us more about how to lead with purpose and to improve the quality of life for our workplaces and relationships.

Now and in the days ahead, the whole world salutes the leadership and solidarity of Chile. Viva Chile! Viva Chile! We celebrate your success in bringing the 33 miners back to life and we are humbled by your leadership, your courage, and your fortitude.


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