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The Power of Coaching

transformation-2“Transformation feels as if some basic architecture is being remodeled rather than just new furniture being put in the house or moved from room to room. There is some deep structural change . . . that alters the backbone of existence.” — Dan Siegel

In my role as a professional coach, guiding the client toward an awareness of their deeper self is both a privilege and a moment of magic. The experience and journey into awareness promotes insight and learning. When a client experiences this moment of magic, it can be a moment of contact that leads to transformation.

Choosing among potential solutions without a deep analysis of the desired goals is a common way that people find a choice for their desired outcomes. In coaching, however, the process of identifying the goal — the discovery of the resistances that prevent goal achievement as well as the real passion — are essential in the process.

In that kind of exploration, a client becomes engulfed in what is important.

At that moment, in that “space”, a client is not choosing among potential solutions for his or her life, they are seeing a clear path — a light — toward a new direction. Moments like these can be life altering and can lead to deep structural change. The pull of that experience makes going back to the former state less acceptable or unacceptable. And real change is born.

Coaching assumes that we are powerful, smart, knowledgeable people who have a challenge that confounds us. And the role of the coach is to guide the process that can lead to transformation.

Patricia Bright

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