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Intent and Impact

Intent and Impact. Two words that offer us pathways to deeper understanding of ourselves and of others.

Sometimes we find ourselves disappointed with an outcome of an interaction or a conversation. There was not closure and feelings remain unresolved. Or just that queezy feeling that something was not right.

We intend to do things — consciously or unconsciously — in interactions with others. We intend to be sensitive. We intend to listen. We intend to communicate our thoughts and feelings. Sometimes the impact — the outcome — doesn’t turn out the way we thought it would. And sometimes the impact is oblivious to us and we may never have the chance to correct a misunderstanding.

Thinking about what we intend to do is an important first step. Here are three things you can do to become aware of your intentions:

1. Ask yourself, “What do I really want this person to know and understand?
2. What choices or different ways can I communicate my intentions?
3. How do I want this person to feel after this conversation or interaction?

Knowing the choices and choosing according to our values will surely convey our truest intentions.


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