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Discovering Inspiration

My brother has a friend that accomplished the “impossible” this past weekend.  Jill, a mother of five children and a recent widow, found sheer determination and true grit as she fought to compete in an International IRONMAN competition.  Some of us can conceive of perhaps achieving some small part of this grueling competition — the 2.4 mi. swim • 112 mi. bike • 26.2 mi. run, but it is painful to think of 9-13 or more hours of continuous exercise.  As I followed Jill’s stats online, I was overjoyed when I saw that she not only finished — but placed very well!

Jill’s determination to achieve this goal gave me pause.  Have I known anyone else in my own life that has achieved something monumental?  Have I achieved an IRONMAN in my own life?  The answer did not come to me quickly, but when I considered achievements that seemed at the onset as insurmountable, a floodgate of thoughts came to me.  Ordinary people, everyday, often achieve goals that seem impossible.  Leaders that guide teams to great successes during periods of confusion and conflict.  Teams that achieve exponential results through uncommon cooperation and synergy.  Inspiration is around us, every day, in quiet moments.  Inspiration is the driving force during those short nights and dark mornings of solitary effort to achieve a goal over days, weeks, months of determined effort.  Ordinary people with extraordinary dreams that work in quiet ways to achieve the impossible.  Inspiration.

Are you a force for inspiration in your work and in your community?  Are you a model for achieving goals that seem insurmountable?  Inspire yourself to achieve something remarkable.  Be a force for inspiration in other’s lives.

Focus on what is important, but not urgent, in your life:

  1. Ask yourself, “What do I REALLY want?”
  2. Ask yourself, “What am I doing everyday/every week to make this dream happen?”
  3. Remember the inspiration during the dark and difficult parts of the journey.

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